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We are making special ES-Cut series of the hobs in advanced materials for high speed cutting on CNC. Hobbing machines to achieve higher productivity. Our customers have achieved multiple benefits by changing to these tools.

We have various grades of raw materials; which are selected based on component volume, type of CNC machine. Specifications of the hobs like diameter, number of flutes & the number of threads along with cutting parameters are advised considering various factors like Chip Thickness, Feed marks, Cutting force, and cutting load on the hobbing machine.

The target is to get the minimum cutting time with the maximum life

These hobs are supplied to many companies having new & advanced CNC Hobbing machines.

Success data & trial reports were available from 1 Module to 5 Module.

Recommended Cutting Speed
ES-40 1.75 160-180 m/min
ES-65 1.75 200-220 m/min
ES-90 1.75 325-330 m/min


  • Reduces cycle time.
  • Increase in parts per sharpening.
  • Lesser Inventories.
  • Fewer Variables for smooth production.
  • Increase in plant capacity at no additional investment on land, machinery, and manpower.
  • Reduced cost per component.


  • Dry and wet Cutting.
  • Bore and Shank type.
  • Single and Multiple threads.
  • Easy implementation.
  • High Volume parts like Two-wheelers, Cars, Ring Gears,
    Sprockets etc.