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We are the leading platform, in the industry of the ultimate Coniflex cutter manufacturer and supplier in the market.

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We design these cutters for particular tasks. Coniflex cutters are available rare in the market. We deliver these cutters with high quality along with long-lasting life span. Moreover, our provided cutter used to cut gears that can be crowned in an along the length direction.

Also, being the pioneer in industry qualitative products our main priority. We design the cutters to fulfill the industry requirements as well as, according to the customers’ needs. You can select cutters from wide collections of cutters delivered by us to suit your requirements.

Best Coniflex Cutter exporter in the market

A Coniflex cutter is most often used to cut straight bevel gears. These are the cutters which deliver accurate cutting finishing. You can design as per your needs. These cutters are very high in speed and cut the tools only in lengthy directions, therefore these are used for particular purposes.


To sum up, for the best quality of the Coniflex cutter, we are at the top in the market. We are considered as the best Coniflex cutter exporter. High-quality is our primary goal and meeting the customers’ requirements is our priority. Moreover, Gears cut by our provided cutters can be crowned in lengthwise directions and permits an easy thrust as well as rolls implementation cycle, also fulfill the requirements for additional motions used on other straight bevel processes.


  • Coniflex Blades – For straight bevel gears
  • Dish Type cutter for Gleason machine 104
  • Inserted Coniflex for Gleason 114
  • Twin Blade Coniflex Cutters for Gleason 14


  • Easy and simple setup
  • Accuracy is very high
  • Optimal results
  • Easy to correct
  • High speed

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