Es-H Cut Hob


We design and produce hobs for high-speed wet and dry cutting giving multiple benefits to users.

LOOKING FOR A FIRST-CLASS Es-H Cut Hob manufacturer and supplier in the market?

These are produced in bore & shank type and are generally used for components having a high volume on CNC Hobbing machines resulting in a substantial reduction of cutting time.
These Hobs are specially designed to reduce the cutting time for higher module components (5.5 Module & above) by increasing the cutting edges.


  • Accuracy Class – Upto AAA as per DIN 3968
  • Material:
    • ES-40 – Cutting speed 150-175m/mt For 1.75 Module
    • ES-65 – Cutting speed 170-210m/mt For 1.75 Module
    • ES-80 – Cutting Speed 275-300m/mt For 1.75 Module
  • Types: Bore & Shank type
  • Multi-gashes
  • Multi-start
  • Supplied with the latest PVD Coatings.



  • Substantial cycle time reduction.
  • Easy Implementation.
  • Reduction of Hob wear.
  • Can be used on Manual as well as CNC Hobbing machines.

Case Study

Component DataNormal Module5.75 Mod5.5 Mod6 Mod
Normal PA252020
Number Of Teeth581241
Hob DataHob MaterialBore type +
Alcona Pro
ES-H +
Alcrona Pro
Bore type +
Alcona Pro
ES-H +
Alcrona Pro
Bore type +
Alcona Pro
ES-H +
Alcrona Pro
Hob SizeØ110X150X40Ø140X150X40Ø100X180X32Ø140X180X32Ø120X200X40Ø140X200X40
No. of Threads121122
Flute TypeStraightStraightStraightStraightStraightStraight
Machine and Cutting dataMachine MakeLiebherrLiebherrLiebherr
No of Passes111111
Cutting speed (m/mt)70908011095110
Axial Feed (mm)
Cutting Time (minute)33176.333.66107.2
Parts per Sharpening200350450650300400
ResultTime Saving-48%-42%-28%
Life Increase75%44%33%