ESGI produces gear hobs for generating spur & helical gears of maximum accuracy with finishing, pre-shaving, pre-grinding in various profiles like with or without protuberances, semi-topping, and Tip Relief profiles.

Hobs are produced in bore or shank type in single or multi-threads up to accuracy class of AAA.

ESGI has a special range of ES-Cut Hobs for high-speed dry & wet cutting on CNC Hobbing machines. Please click on the ES-Cut for more details.


ESGI produces hobs for cutting involutes splines with semi-topping, Shoulder clearance profiles in single or multi-thread designs.

Involute Splines standards: DIN 5480, DIN 5482, ANSI B92.1, B92.2, BS3550, GOST-6033

ESGI produces hobs for Straight Sided & Involute serrations as per Standards DIN 5481.

Parallel Spline Hobs

ESGI produces hobs for parallel splines with special profiles Lugs, undercut & shoulder clearance types.

Hobs are produced for various standards DIN 5461, DIN5462, DIN5463, DIN5464, DIN5465, DIN 5471, DIN 5472, DIN 9611, ISO 14, UNI 220, UNI 221, UNI8953.

Special Features: Lugs & Shoulder clearance types.

Chain Sprocket Hobs

ESGI produces hobs for automotive & industrial Roller Chain as per various standards and non-standard forms.

Hobs are specially designed in multi-threads for high productivity for the automotive segment.

Sprocket Pitch Range: up to 3” or 76.2mm.
Standards: ANSI, ASA, IS, DIN, JIS-B
Types: Topping & Non-topping
Threads: Single or multi-threads for high-speed cutting.

Worm Gear Hobs

ESGI produces hobs for Worm Wheel gears for various profiles like ZI, ZN, ZK & ZA in bore & shank type in single or multiple threads up to lead angle of 45°.

Hobs are produced for both the types of cutting methods Tangential and Radial feed types.

Maximum Lead Angle: 45°
Types: Bore or Shank type
Single or Multiple threads
Hobs are made in diameters as small as 8mm in the teeth cutting portion.

Special Profile Hobs

We produce hobs for special profiles for various components like missing teeth, slack adjustors, engaging gear components, etc.

Timing Pulley Hobs

ESGI produces Timing pulley hobs for various belts & Pulleys in Involute & HTD profiles; made in topping & non-topping designs.

Profile Types:

  • Involute profiles like ‘T’ & ‘S’
  • HTD
  • Linear pulleys like MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH

Hobs are made for standards BS4548, DIN7721, ISO5294, ISO5296, ISO17396, Super Torque Timing belt.

Heavy Duty Roughing Hobs

ESGI produces specially designed ES-H (Heavy-duty roughing) hobs for reducing cutting times by increasing the cutting edges in specially designed flutes. These are designed for gears 5.5 Module & above.


  • Substantial cycle time reduction
  • Easy Implementation
  • Reduction of Hob wear
  • Hobs can be used on Manual as well as CNC Hobbing machines.

ES-Cut Hobs

We are making special ES-Cut series of the hob in advanced materials for high speed cutting on CNC Hobbing machines to achieve higher productivity. Our customers have achieved multiple benefits by changing to these tools.

We have various grades of raw materials; which are selected based on component volume, type of CNC machine. Specifications of the hobs like diameter, number of flutes & the number of threads along with cutting parameters are advised considering various factors like Chip Thickness, Feed marks, Cutting force, and cutting load on the hobbing machine. The target is to get the minimum cutting time with the maximum life.

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