Gear Shaving Cutter


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Gear Shaving Cutter is mainly used for concluding in a small amount of gear tooth surface after processing with hob as well as shaper cutter. Also, these cutters are used for the accurate finishing of the pre-shaved products. Further, these gear shaving cutters are supplied in conservative type, diagonal, plunge cut within numerous ranges of sizes according to the industry’s requirements.To sum up, your search for the qualitative gear shaving cutters is ended here, we are the best gear shaving cutter supplier in the market. We deliver the best quality of cutter in different sizes along with a long-lasting life span within your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today, and buy the best quality products as per your necessity.


  • Thickness up to 65mm
  • PCD from 150 to 300 mm
  • Range from 1.25 to 8 Module
  • Available in material M2/M3/ASP2023
  • Facilities to make all types of profiles like Tip Relief or Root Relief or both, ‘K’ profile, lead crowning, or any customized profile.



  • Plunge
  • Underpass
  • Diagonal
  • Conventional


  • Outstanding scratchy wear resistance like HIGH HARDNESS surface handling maximizes tool performance.
  • The unevenness of roughness largely unchanged by treatment
  • Minimized deformation of raggedness depth

Methods & Characteristics

Shaving Methods – Every shaving method differs according to the direction of the movement given to the cutter. The choice of method depends on the work piece shape, machine characteristics and volume of production.

Cross Axis Angle – The difference in the helix angle of the gear and the cutter is calculated along the PCD.
Cross axis angle is an essential condition for shaving process.

Conventional ShavingDiagonal ShavingUnderpass ShavingPlunge Shaving
Pictorial View & movement of Shaving method
Gear and the cutter, are moved parallel to the work piece axes.The relative motion between cutter and gear takes place with an angle included in the range 5° to 45° w.r.t the gear axis.Cutter feed in movement towards the gear is perpendicular to gear axis.Cutter feed in movement towards the gear is radial to gear axis.
Where to be usedSuitable for low and medium production operations.Suitable for medium & high production operations.Suitable for high production operations.Suitable for high production operations.
Suitable for open gearsSuitable for open gears.Suitable for shoulder type gears with cross axis angle limitation.Used for open and shoulder type gears.
Large width gears can be shaved.Gear Face width is limited to 100mm as component face width should be necessarily more than cutter face width.Max. Gear face width is limited to 55mm as cutter face width is more than component face width.Max. Gear face width is limited to 55mm as cutter face width is more than component face width.
Shaving timeStroke length is longStroke length is relatively short.Shaving stroke is extremely short.No longitudinal movement of cutter.
Very long Shaving timeShaving time is relatively shortShaving time is very short.Shaving time is least.
Cutter UtilizationThe cutter works only with a limited contact area at the center of teeth.Better use of the cutter that can exploit all its length.Cutter works progressively and partially along the whole face width.


Cutter works progressively and partially along the whole face width.


Guidelines for better resultsLength of traverse should be 1/16” greater than face width of the component.Sum of Traverse Angle & Cross Axis Angle should not be more than 55°.It can be used with shoulder gears with minimum cross axis angle of 3°.Radial in-feed should be carefully selected.
γ = Cross of Axes Angle, ε = Diagonal Angle, L1 = Shaving Cutter Tooth Length, L2 = Gear Tooth Length, L = Stroke Length