Involutes Gear Hobs


We are the pioneer in the industry of Involutes Gear hobs manufacturer and supplier. We deliver Involutes Gear Hobs for creating gears of maximum correctness, designed in finishing, pre-shaving with or without swelling as well as semi topping profiles.

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We design gear hobs using qualitative materials and for particular operations.
Moreover, we design gear hobs that are planned to build the profitability of the hobbing practice. Also, our Involutes Gear hobs improved the quality to allow the entire process of hobbing with a variety of string hobs. We deliver you the best quality hobs at reasonable prices.

Best Involute gear hobs exporter in the market

Involute Gear Hobs have straight-line side teeth like a gear hob, as well as are more often than not of stub tooth depth. These are designed in single or multiple thread designs, with diametric pitches ranging and pressure. These hobs are designed with ultimate quality products and long-lasting life.


Well, apart from very small gears which are used in watches, toys & electronics instruments almost all the gears you will see in automobile, earth moving equipment, as well as production machines are of involute gear.

To conclude, if you are looking for the best quality involute gear hobs, then you are in right place. We are the best Involute gear hobs exporter in the market. Our products are manufactured as per the customers’ requirements. Also, we deliver you the best hobs in wide ranges all within your budget.


  • Accuracy Class:  AAA/AA/A/ as per DIN 3968
  • Material: ASP2052/S390/S290/ASP2030/M35
  • Types: Bore & Shank type
  • Multi-gashes
  • Multi-start
  • Supplied with all types of latest PVD Coatings.


  • Reduce torque variation
  • Silent operations
  • Accurate gears
  • Optimal results
  • Reliable and rebuts

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